FlameBrother FFP2 Kids Respiratory Mask

Original price was: €39.99.Current price is: €29.99.

FlameBrother FFP2 Kids Mask Conforms to the FFP2 mask level of the European CE standard EN 149:2001, which can effectively filter oily (such as oil fume, exhaust) and non-oily (such as smog) particles, Filtration efficiency up to 94%.

Certification CE

FFP2 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE III cat.)

Complies with EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009

Particulate filtration efficiency (PFE): ≥ 94%

Individually wrapped in packs of 20 pieces

These FFP2 (CE) small size masks are available in 6 colours: White, Black, Dark Grey, Pink, Dark Red and Dark Blue.

They are CE certified Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) according to the EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009 standard.

These small size filter masks are composed of several layers of insulating and filtering material, able to block particles of different sizes, from the largest to the finest ones, reaching a filtering capacity greater than 94%, blocking both solid particles both droplets.

Measurements: 11.1 cm x 12.7 c

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